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Renaud Taburiaux Presentation Coach

Hi, I'm Renaud (like the car)

I’m a presentation coach and I help people who manage people, project or product do great presentations quickly.

When I cannot coach them, I teach them my Presentation Sprint framework and tools. The goal is to equip them to achieve it on their own.

Born in France, grew up abroad, and currently living in Slovakia.

I’ve worked in project management, digital marketing, UX Design, Facilitation & Communication.

I am : 

💍  Married

🐶  Dog owner (Parson Russell Terrier)

📚 Book lover

🏋  Gym enthusiast

⌚️  Watches &  ✒️ Fountain pen enthusiast

Do you have a question?

I’d love to hear from you and help you if I can.

Feel free to get in touch with me on Linkedin.

You can also send me an email directly at [email protected].

Renaud Taburiaux Presentation Coach