You don't present to inform,
You present to transform

Are you tired of attending bad presentations or wasting time preparing yours?

Follow the story of John, a product manager preparing for an important business presentation. Through his journey, you’ll learn how to apply the Presentation Sprint Framework.  

This book offers simple and timeless tools and techniques for you to improve.

Presentation Sprint Cover Image

What will you learn how to

Quickly prepare
a transformative
business presentation.

Structure and design
your presentation
for maximum impact

Deliver your message
stress-free while
engaging your audience

About the author

Renaud Taburiaux Presentation Coach

Renaud Taburiaux the founder of Diapora Agency and has been a presentation coach for almost a decade. He has a diverse background in project management, digital production, product management, UX design, and facilitation.

During his tenure in transformation and communication departments, Renaud needed a reliable way to create great presentations consistently, regardless of topic, speakers, or time constraints. To solve this problem, he developed the Presentation Sprint Framework, which includes dedicated tools such as the canvas, workflow, and checklist.

Renaud is now on a mission to share this framework through coaching, speaking, and teaching. This book is another attempt to equip and empower others to reach their full potential.

If you’re interested in working with Renaud, contact him at [email protected].

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